Invited Speakers

  • In 2009
  • 8 Oct.

    Dr. Seung-Ki Min (Research Scientist of Climate Research Division, Environment Canada)

    The speech subject : Understanding and Attributing Climate Change: Recent Advances and Challenges

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    Dr. Jung-Hyo Chae (Jet Propulsion Laboratory ,NASA)

    The speech subject : Tropical deep convection and its role in the climate system

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    27 Oct.

    Prof. Young-Il Park (R&D Innovation Director)

    The speech subject : The environmental engineering in non-professional perspective


    10 Nov.

    Dr. Jae H. Ryu (National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Lebraska Lincoln, U.S.A.)

    The speech subject : Sustainable drought management for the 21st century in a change climate 

  • In 2010

12 May

Prof. Chang-Hoi Ho (Seoul National University )

The speech subject : Understanding the mechanisms of global warming


17 May

Prof. Ki-Hong Min (Purdue University)

The speech subject : Atmosphere-cryosphere coupled model development and its applications for regional climate studies

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19 May

Dr. Chang-Keun Song (Climate & Air Quality Research Department Climate Change Research Division, National Institute of Environmental Researsh)

The speech subject : Measures to adapt to climate change


26 May

Hyo-Soo Lee (Samsung Global Environment Research Center)

The speech subject : Samsung's environmental management


28 May

Prof. Pao-Shin Chu (Department of MeteorologySchool of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii)

The speech subject : Changes in precipation extremes in tropical Pacific islands under a worming climate?

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17 Aug.

Dr. Soung-Ryoul Ryu (Department Forestry and Natural Resources, Clemson University)

The speech subject : The introduction of ecosystem model and PnET model

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2 Nov.

Dr. Yeon-Joo Kim (Korea Adaptation Center for Climate Change/Planning & Research Team, Korea Environment Institute)

The speech subject : Biosphere-Atmosphere interactions in Amazon rainforests


8 Nov.

Dr. Sang-Woo Kim (Seoul National University)