International Winter School on Climate/Environment Change                                                                                              January 12-13, 2010 

Day 1 (January, 12)


13 : 00   Welcoming Remark
             Prof. Seon Ki Park


<Lector Ⅰ>
13 : 10  
Human  Induced Environmental Perturbations (Climate Change) and its                 Perspectives
             Rok Jin Park (Seoul National University, Korea)


<Lector Ⅱ>
14 : 10  
The Impact of Climate Change on the Wetlands
             Jung Hyun Choi (Ewha Womans University, Korea)


<Lector Ⅲ>
15 : 10  
Climate Change Effects on Terrestrial Ecosystem and Feedbacks to the Climate                System
            Ji-Hyung Park (Gangwon National University, Korea)           

<Lector Ⅳ>
16 : 10   
How to Monitor Changes in Biodiversity: Developing Indices for Ecological                   Dynamics
             Tatsuya Amano (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences,Japan)

18 : 00   Dinner Time


Day 2 (January, 13)


<Lector Ⅴ>
09 : 00  
Introduction to Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Related Applications
             Hesham El-Askary, Susan Keun-Hang Yang (Chapman University, USA)

<Lector Ⅵ>
10 : 30  
The surface processes and the LSPM (Land Surface Process Model)
             Claudio Cassardo (Torino University, Italy)
<Lector Ⅶ>

11 : 30  
Climate Change, Carbon Cycle, Modeling and Observation
             Menas Kafatos (Chapman University, USA)

<Lector Ⅷ>
12 : 15  
Hazards around the World and Decision Support Tools for Adaptation 
             Menas Kafatos (Chapman University, USA)





  Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

  National Research Foundation of Korea



  Ewha Womans University ERC Center for Climate/Environment Change Prediction  
  Research (CCCPR)